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Meet our Fauna case beneficiary: the Philippine Eagle Foundation

The Largest Forest Raptor in the Philippines


Aside from being the country's national bird, the Philippine Eagle is one of the rarest eagles in the entire world—one that can only be found in the 4 Philippine islands of Luzon, Samar, Leyte, and Mindanao. 
Though one of the largest and most powerful forest raptors, the International Union for Conservation of Nature has listed them as critically endangered and estimated only 400 pairs remain in the wild.

Shooting of the Philippine Eagle 


The lives of Philippine Eagles are threatened daily by human activities such as deforestation and shooting. As forests are their home and only source of food, illegal logging and irresponsible use of resources gravely affect them. The loss of forest over the years has driven Philippine Eagles far from their usual hunting grounds and brings them close to human settlements during their search for prey. This has led to at least one Philippine Eagle being killed every year by shooting.

The Forest Guard 


Saving the Philippine Eagle plays a monumental role for the environment, heritage, livelihood, and culture. The Philippine Eagle Foundation emphasizes this inextricable link between these eagles, the forests, and the future of the coming generations. 

For the environment, the Philippine Eagle maintains the balance of the ecosystem by regulating species population and protecting other forms of life in its territory. 

For heritage, this species can only be found in the Philippines and its loss would mean a simultaneous loss of a precious biological heritage.

For livelihood, marginalized communities that share the forest with Philippine Eagles may earn additional income through their efforts to protect the national bird through the biodiversity-friendly initiatives led by the Philippine Eagle Foundation.

For culture, the Philippine Eagle is a part of the oral histories and other cultural artifacts of various indigenous communities in the Philippines. This contributes to the creation of unique cultures.

Eagle Monitoring


The Philippine Eagle Foundation is a nonprofit organization working towards saving the endangered Philippine Eagle together with its rainforest habitat.

They combine scientific data and methods with cultural knowledge for a holistic approach in conserving the endangered species.

Their conservation services include rescue, rehab, and release, nest surveys and monitoring, education, conservation breeding, a forest guard program, and culture-based conservation. 

All of the above information and images are from the Philippine Eagle Foundation. Learn more about the Philippine Eagle and the nonprofit's work towards saving them here.

The Philippine Eagle illustrated by Kai Javier

The Fauna case was created to raise awareness and support for endangered animals in our nation. We have chosen to donate P100 from every Fauna case sold to the Philippine Eagle Foundation in order to contribute in whatever way we can towards the conservation of the Philippine Eagle. 

We believe that every contribution, no matter how small, can help make a difference. If you're interested, you may donate to the Philippine Eagle Foundation here.